Why Everyone should write a book ?

Why Everyone should write a book ?

The first question I asked myself before writing my first book was: “Who am I to write a book?. Besides that kind of doubts, I was ashamed to tell others that I was dedicating part of my free time to writing a book.

After having published a book on Amazon, I have to confess that having written and published a book has been one of the best experiences of my life. Then, why cannot you write a book?

Why should you write a book?

Because the world is waiting for you to do it. The most “logical” and the trend that many new authors follow, is to publish a book that deals with a topic of specific niche, which is our specialty work. This type of books become the best enhancers that exist for your positioning as an expert, within your profession, and self-branding!

You are wrong if you believe that there is nothing you can contribute to others. All you have to do is identify how you can improve the lives of others and start writing about it. If you make pies like nobody tells the world how to make a good cake, it can be a good topic. If you dedicate yourself to sewing, tell the secrets of sewing (techniques, materials, patterns, whatever).

However, not everything is knowledge, lives can also be “sold”. It’s not about selling your own private life though. It’s about sharing experiences that can bring some value to other people.

I know “ordinary” people who have had really interesting lives, that surpass any fiction, why not transfer those lives to a book? What you know, or what you have lived, should be shared to others, write it and edit it so that other people can benefit from the value you personally experience.

When you write, you should aim to help others. Your purpose should be focused on solving some type of problem. Your knowledge is at the service of others through your book. Then, the best of the case is that, it will always go further than you could ever imagine right now.

Your book can travel around the world, distributing your knowledge to people you can never get to know.

What happen after publishing your first book

After writing a book, you achieve prestige, personal, and professional recognition.

One of the best moments that I have lived was when I was introduced to the new business partners and one of them said: “I remember seeing your book in Amazon”. They immediately recognize me as the author of a work. It is a pleasure that cannot be described until it is done. Is there a certain high of ego? Of course, yes, but I do not see what is wrong with it when you have devoted so much time and effort to writing your book.

People think that whoever has written a book is an expert in the subject that he writes, and it should be like that. There is a certain admiration for writers because, even today, people know very few people who have written and published a book.

Do you have a plan to be a book author? Let us know in the comment below!