Unleash your Creativity. Become an Author Entrepreneur!

Unleash your Creativity. Become an Author Entrepreneur!

Being a professional author covers much more than writing, especially if you have self-published and it is you who is in charge of

everything about your product. That’s why in Brand6, we want to review the 5 characteristics to be a professional author entrepreneur that you should have in mind once you start your trip. Let us begin!

  1. Brand creation

Building a personal brand as a professional author is extremely important to make you recognize in the world of literature. The marketing is what will drive your career and keep alive. Therefore, from the beginning, you must give a brand name, share your work goals, promote your style and let people know you. You must make yourself reachable and recognizable to your audience; share your opinions on current issues, your tastes, your influences, and so on.

  1. Online presence

Nowadays, online presence is indispensable. If you want to make known your talents and products you need to be part of the conversation in social networks and you need to have your own space. Creating a community for yourself as an author is very important, and one of the best ways to do it is with an author’s blog.

  1. Never stop improving

Much of being a professional author is never stop developing and improving your style. Never stop innovating or challenging yourself with tasks outside of your comfort zone. There are always more things to learn when it comes to frameworks, diagrams, development of stories and characters, etc., so do not lose touch with your education as a writer.

  1. Be efficient with your skills

If there is something completely harmful to the professional author, it is the work of poor quality. You should be proud of each work you produce and this is only achieved through work and maximum effort.

Apply to the task and get the best out of you, edit your work as many times as you think necessary, do not be afraid to make changes and pay attention to errors of continuation, grammar, spelling or any other type of error that may arise.

To achieve a quality work, it is necessary to work with your strengths and bring out what is best for you. Exploiting your best skills will always be beneficial for your content and if your content is good, everything else falls into place.

  1. Protect your work

One of the most important things for professional authors is to protect their work. Your work is just like your baby and is part of you. You did all the work to develop your original ideas and the worst thing that can happen to you is for someone else to take the credit and take away your recognition. For this reason, copyright is essential.


A book will give you greater recognition than any degree or any collection of diplomas that you hang on your walls. We live in the information age, people spend the day looking for it. Therefore, a person who writes a book becomes a valuable person who brings knowledge to society and is recognized for it.