How Your First Book Will Transform Yourself

How Your First Book Will Transform Yourself

Indeed, writing a book can transform yourself and your personal branding. There are numerous reasons why you should write a book. Perhaps, you think that this is not your purpose, and you do not have special skills. However, there is a group of audience that awaits your book before you know it.

Even if you have no plan to be a writer as a career, publishing a book will help your career reach a higher level. Not only your personal life, but also your creativity will improve.

In this article, we want to discuss how your first book will transform yourself!

  1. Position yourself as an authority in your sector

There is a certain prestige when you are cataloged as the author of a book. People naturally assume that you know what you are talking about; After all, you published a book on the subject, did not you? Your book is a way to share knowledge about your industry and stimulate the interest of readers.

People are more likely to think about you when they need products or services that your company produces because they have read your book and consider you an expert on the subject.

  1. Writing a book opens the door to opportunities for lecturing

When you write a book, people can come to you and ask you to present a workshop or a session at conferences full of people interested in your products or services. It’s easy to put together a sector somewhere in the same room, to sign your books, talk to people and sell, sell, sell!

Lecturing, in addition to the fact that you are sometimes paid for it, increases your visibility and your prestige.

  1. Writing a book is better than any business card

It is unlikely that someone will throw out a printed book if you give it to them (or a digital copy that you can download directly to your e-Reader device). In general, they keep it, they read it, sometimes they share it.

Even if they do not read it, their presence reminds them that you are the expert on that subject. The book is proof of that.

Unlike a business card that is often lost among the papers, a book will be placed on the shelf or in an e-Reader. It is always available to be read and with the contact information inside of it.

  1. The Digital publication offers advertising opportunities

The beauty of the digital edition of your book is that you can create direct links in the content, in the biography page and even in the front and back covers. So, when someone finds an interesting topic, you can immediately click on the link to get to a specific page on your website or blog.

  1. Get multiple sources of income

Why not make money with your book? Writing and publishing your book on Amazon is a simple process. Remember, Amazon is the giant of bookstores. Even if you do not occupy the first place in the category of your book, you could certainly earn additional income from sales.

The sales of your book are limited only by the amount of time and effort you put into marketing it. So, are you ready to be an author and start publishing your first book? Let us know in the comment below!