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This publishing program is designed for Entrepreneurs, Wantrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and CEOs of Startups and SMEs who would like to grow their business by writing and publishing high-level books targeted at audience. It also helps Aspiring Authors interested in building a legacy.

Objective of the Program


Our author entrepreneur program is designed to turn your ideas and expertise in the form of a book to help you build your brand and business in a short time. SK Publications is a productive house for entrepreneurs. It is a fully-featured program that delivers all the basics you would need to get to the ONLINE from IDEA and publish your book in as less as 90 days.

Most CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals hardly find any time to write a book. We, at SK Publications, understand that time is your most valuable asset. We offer pain-free book creation and help business people create a book in less than 12 days. We create and publish a book that meets quality standards and rivals other books found on major storefronts.

Our team of writers helps you transform your ideas into a beautifully created manuscript in your own words and voice. We also suggest a professional design and layout and take care of the publishing details to make sure your book appeals to people and gets the place among bestsellers.

Our Author Entrepreneurship Program intends to


  • Articulate the message you want to share
  • Legitimize you and help you live a legacy
  • Evolve your business network to grow it
  • Use the book to build your brand
  • Widen your business network

Our proven, proprietary publishing process is known to help people write the most impactful book to grow and profit the business while enhancing credibility, expertise and authority.

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The Author Entrepreneur Experience


Publishing a book on the areas of expertise always acts as a means of attracting new clients, get offers for guest blogging and speaking engagements and attract a lot of other opportunities for publicity and income.

Our Author Entrepreneur is a 12-week genuine mentoring program that takes you through the entire process of writing a book and supporting it to the Global press release. You benefit from our publishing and marketing process that ensures your book gets global exposure on multiple online platforms and reaches a multi-faceted audience that benefits from it.

This comprehensive program covers everything you need to succeed with your Entrepreneur Authorship. You will be able to generate a custom strategy to use the book to your benefit and identify what works to increase your exposure and sales.

Here’s what you can expect to take away from the program


  • Scripting the book in 12 days
  • Creating your own book in 90 days
  • 90 days program (once a week/ 3 months/ 8 hours a week)
  • Publish the book in 6 weeks
  • Week 7 – Digital course
  • Week 8 – Amazon Marketing
  • Week 9 – Video Trailer
  • Week 10 – Personal Branding
  • Week 11 – Website & Digital Marketing
  • Week 12 – Video Marketing
  • Launching the book with landing page


How Does the Program Work?


The entire program is divided into five comprehensive modules that work together to create and publish a high-level book targeted at the entrepreneurial audience.

1. Find your focus


Identifying and understanding the requirements of your target audience is really important. A majority of present day readers are on the go and interested in reading content that gets straight to the point, helps them learn new things quickly and solves real-world problems. To be able to adapt your book to these requirements, see that it has a format that appeals to the audience and the topics are focused and well-explained without any unnecessary stuff to deal with.

2. Give birth to new business


Our Author Entrepreneur is a 12-week genuine mentoring program that takes you through the entire process of writing a book and supporting it to the Global press release. You benefit from our publishing and marketing process that ensures your book gets global exposure on multiple online platforms and reaches a multi-faceted audience that benefits from it.

3. Introduce the business to the public

Personal branding achieved through author entrepreneurship aims at marketing you as who you are and what you stand for. Your creation is actually a representation of what you are, your values, beliefs and opinions. These virtues are also expressed visually by what you say and do and your personal approach to express yourself.

4. Capture clients


Creating a strong personal brand not only enables you to get new customers and opportunities but also helps you position yourself as a strong competitor in the marketplace. You can start charging higher fees for your service once you dominate the market and earn more by working less.

5. Improve personal credibility


If the search results show your competitors more than you, people will perceive them as more reliable and professional than you and they would get the business you were supposed to get. One effective way to stop this from happening is to establish your personal brand effectively to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Personal Branding


Creating a brand for yourself is really critical to your business success. Every corporate celebrity, business icon or entrepreneur should possess a well-laid, predefined outlook and image for himself or herself. Identity is really important for any business leader and we specialize at handling their image management.

We work by evaluating, enhancing, updating and upgrading the positive impact of your identity on you and others and demonstrating your achievements to create a brand that creates an impact on people’s minds.

We teach you many different ways to create a book’s manuscript during the publishing phase. You can learn how to make the writing process painless and structure and outline the book in the best way. You also benefit from tactics and strategies from authors like interviews which are edited in a way that gives you a complete book in your own voice.

During the interview, our team collaborates with you to articulate what the book is about, define your target audience and outline how it can impact the audience. We also help you select a catchy title for the book, create TOA and synopsis to lay a strong foundation for your ideas.

With these strategies, we can reduce the time taken to create the book by up to 50 percent. We also understand how to position you and your book in the target market by identifying what the audience actually cares about and creating the complete book reflecting your business.

Amazon Marketing


Getting featured as the bestselling author on Amazon can attract thousands of clients towards your business. Having an author’s page on Amazon gives you a lot of authority and exposure. We don’t just help you spread the message to the world but also ensure you get recognized as a published author throughout the world. This is accomplished by helping you create a book page on Amazon. Such a strategy easily translates into sales potential and helps earn repeated sales without having to undertake subsequent marketing at your end.

Unsolicited referrals can help your book as people purchasing other books can see yours in the recommendation list. This means your book can catch attention even when people are not specifically looking for you. It is an amazing way to reach new readers. Improved ranking and increased sales can further make your book discoverable by new readers on Amazon.

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About the author

Dr. Shaan Kumar is a global renaissance entrepreneur. He is an educationalist, an author, a speaker, a strategic angel investor, a music producer, a fashion designer and mentor to startup entrepreneurs and CEOs. He believes in building a legacy that will last forever, outliving him. He is the founder, CEO and Chairman of SK Group, an international group of companies. He has an entrepreneurial experience of more than 20 years, and is now looking to pass on his knowledge and experience to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.