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An online publishing house and a store selling books, consisting of over 500 thousand great books and digital items. A perfect place for those looking for the best books, audio books and videos. Enjoy a customized book-buying experience with our definitive book store.



To be a quality publishing house by crossing the 10,000 mark in a timeframe of 10 years. We aim to: Offer Author Entrepreneur program.Recruit Author Entrepreneurs: Coach and Train them to publish A book.
Run a Brand6 Brand Yourself Agency promoting and marketing Entrepreneurs and Published Authors.



Our experience goes back to 1996 when we started Launching IT certification Programs. It is a stream of its parent the SK group. Dr shaan kumar is instrumental in the creation and evolution of this publishing house. As a publishing house we have had our foot in the creation of curriculum and courses for IT Programs. In time we evolved as and to putting together the curriculum for Degree granting institutions. Over time we evolved taking more responsibilities and accountability. We formed ourselves as a successful branding channel rendering authoring services. This house is further stream lined majorly under his umbrella of SK’s mentorship.

Empowered with the wealth of our expertise carried us to form study guides (called as Learning Guides), iLGs (interactive Learning Guides), interactive PDFs, PPTs and other Flash courses. Through this we found an instant connect with the student media and a wide range of audience spectrum. SK (Dr Shaan Kumar) is a celebrated author entrepreneur. Dr Shaan kumar has taken the publishing world by storm, authoring practical books educating us on a diverse series of entrepreneurial issues.The authoring expertise we rendered to various verticals gave us a sense of authority creating an effective personalized branding channel. We are proud to say that we were pioneers in the elearning industry.

Inviting Author Entrepreneurs to become our Strategic Partners

Become SK Group Authorized Publishing Partner and 10X Your Personal Growth

  • You MUST have Published A Book in Your Niche.
  • Launch A Digital Course and Consulting Program to help and empower clients catering to your NICHE.
  • Setup A Authorized Publishing Center
  • Offer Author Entrepreneur Program and Brand6 Program
  • Recruit Author Entrepreneurs, Coach, Train them to publish A book
  • Run a Brand6 BrandYourself Agency to promote and market Entrepreneurs and Published Authors